Conservation Projects

Visiting Our Preserves

The Black Creek Land Trust owns and manages two nature preserves, the Dargan Tract & the Mozingo Property, within Darlington County that the public may respectfully enjoy. For directions to these properties please contact us.

We work hard to balance the public uses offered on our preserves with protection of their natural integrity and scenic beauty for future generations. Recreational, educational and scientific use of the preserves is encouraged as long as it does not interfere with our primary goals of preservation and protection.

We welcome you to explore and enjoy our beautiful preserves keeping in mind that you are a temporary visitor to the homes of many plants and animals.

Please Enjoy: Hiking, Birdwatching, Fishing, and Similar Low-Impact Activities.

Please Do Not: Drive Off-Road Vehicles, Camp, Light Fires, Dump Waste or Litter, Removal Vegetation, or Hunt on our Nature Preserves. If you are interested in organizing an educational event on our preserves please contact us.

Our Easement Properties

A majority of the land that the Black Creek Land Trust helps to protect is privately owned and not open to the public, except under limited circumstances, like BCLT sponsored outings.

These tracts are preserved by conservation easements that protect the land from inappropriate development, while maintaining traditional land uses, such as agricultural, forestry, wildlife management, and recreational pursuits, like hunting and fishing. They provide a public benefit by conserving the traditional landscape of South Carolina.

Currently the Black Creek Land Trust protects over 3,100 acres of land through conservation easements. We have helped landowners protect a wide-range of traditional uses on their land: including a USDA designated Bicentennial Farm, a historic Mill Pond, managed timber stands, and no-touch wildlife habitats

If you are interested in speaking with the Black Creek Land Trust about a conservation easement for your property, please contact us.


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