Our History

The Black Creek Land Trust was formed by a group of conservation-minded citizens from Hartsville, Darlington, and Florence in 1981 to protect the land in Black Creek Watershed.

These individuals wanted to provide options for those landowners who were concerned about preserving their family land and our state’s traditional landscapes of forest, farm and streams.

By forming the Land Trust they hoped to help landowners identify and evaluate ways to protect their land and their way of life for generations to come.

The Black Creek Land Trust’s mission was, and still is today, to hold in trust, to protect and to manage the land in the Black Creek watershed for the public good.

The first property was given to the Trust in 1985, by Woods and Louise McFarlan Dargan, who donated 215 acres of woodland near the confluence of Swift Creek and Black Creek, east of Darlington.

Mrs. Dargan’s donation was followed by donations of land and conservation easements by the Mozingos, Jay James, Edward Fort, the Segars, the Williamsons, and most recently Alice Dargan Jones, each of which will be highlighted in this newsletter.

Today the Trust protects over 3,300 acres of pristine and unique South Carolina landscape.


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